What is the Awards Ceremony?

The JAS Awards Ceremony is a celebration of the incredible work created by the students in the Studio Art program. It is a lively event for the University's Studio Art community to gather together, students along with faculty & staff, to recognize undergraduate students who have excelled. 

On Friday evening, the day after the artworks are installed, the two JAS coordinators host the awards ceremony. The jurors present their choices for the Top Ten artworks, as well as ten Honourable Mentions. The Top Ten receive significant cash prizes, first prize valued at $1000, and Honourable Mentions each receive a generously donated year-long subscription to Border Crossings magazine. Faculty & staff hand out a series of department awards to participating students who have demonstrated excellence in their work throughout the year. The MFAs jury Jr. JAS, awarding several prizes to participating first and second year students. Other awards are provided by Wyndham Arts, the Specialized Studio class, and the JAS coordinators.

After the Awards Ceremony, everyone is invited to gather for a celebration at Brass Taps.